sunnuntai 13. joulukuuta 2015

Final week

Can't believe this! Digital marketing course is over! I am sad and happy at the same time. I have learned so much new and developing things. I have gotten very inspired from this course. I am going to miss our team meetings and making videos. But life goes on. I am so thankful to our teachers Ilkka and Anna. They developed amazing course and gave me a change to join to this fantastic course! But the biggest thanks goes to my group, love ya!
At the beginning of the course

I have had amazing fall with inspiring lectures and fantastic guest lecturers. Things what we have learned in this course are personal branding, communication and cultural skills, digital sales, content marketing and social media, website essentials, law issues, cloud computing and other various themes and tools for digital business. But biggest one what I have learned is blogging. At first I was like oh my god, no blogging. But now I am in love of blogging. But I am not sure will I continue blogging some day. And second topic is video making and editing. That's amazing because I have never ever thought about making videos before this course. And now I think that I'm going to miss this. But you never know, maybe you will see more videos in the future from me.
We got certificates
This week we started with workshop. I was sick so I wasn't there but our other group members were there. They had to pitch our presentation to our teachers and they got feedback. Also they filled questionnaire of digital marketing course. On Tuesday we went through our presentation video and mixed it a little bit. We were so excited of our video like always. :D I made our own parts of Emotion Tracker video with Camilla.
Filming the video
We were so quick this time with the video so we had a day off on Wednesday, yay!
It is so funny because last few times it took much much more longer. Maybe we have learned much about editing and filming and that's why we were ready so fast. 
Then came the day that we have been waiting so long. FINAL PRESENTATIONS! I don't know why but I wasn't nervous at all. Our group came to school early and we checked that our videos and voices were okay. Everything was perfect. Ilkka started ceremony with speech and we raised a toast. Then it was our turn. Although we made a sound check and all our video froze... not funny. Fortunately we got it to work quickly and let it play. We saw other groups presentations also and there were two other videos. They were good also.
Wow! Our final videos were awesome. I am so proud of FTS13 <3 Here you can see our final presentation video and short video presentation of course.
I think most of you know what Periscope is. Ilkka filmed our whole ceremony to Periscope. We got over 500 viewer in our broadcast.
I am going to miss my group FTS13. But I know we will do more tasks together and hopefully videos. Now I want to thank you all and say goodbye. This blogs story will end now.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


sunnuntai 6. joulukuuta 2015

So much to do

I think this is almost last the blog post from me. Because the digital marketing course is almost over and we are going to Christmas holiday. We have about a month long holiday. I'm in love! I'm a Christmas person and I love to do everything affiliate to Christmas. But my topic wasn't Christmas in this post. I'll tell you about my week again.

At this week on Monday we had lectures from Mika Aittamäki, Niklas Litmala and Ilkka Kurkela.

Mika Aittamäki the CEO of Celectus Oy. His lecture topic was about selling. He told us what selling is like today and how you can be good salesman in online or face2face. Digitalization is cutting down the need of employees on certain jobs but at the same time increasing number of jobs in digital world.
Niklas Litmala is also from Celectus and he was telling about Leijona Academy. Niklas invited us join to Leijona Academy if we are interesting about selling.

Ilkka is familiar to you if you have read this blog before. Ilkkas lectures are always really really fantastic and inspiring. Ilkka told us about a digital humanism. Aristoteles three think Pathos, Logos and Ethos was one topic in lecture. Pathos is emotional, Logos is ethical appeal and ethos is rational. These were new things for me and first I was confused why he is telling us some history stuff. Ilkka also told us how people should use just five minutes two times in a day just thinking own goals and future. It is just ten minutes from day and if you use it you have 95% of your potential activated.

We had a second and also the last exam of this course at this week. It was so more different than the first one. Now we had to make essays to every question. I'm not good in making an essay and i'm a little bit scared to get feed back from exam. But we will see. Other days of this week we had make our last video. It is so plaintive because we watch all our videos and clips what we had recorded in this fall. We found many clips what we didn't remember. Everything fun will end some day. :( 

Oh yeah! It was my Birthday yesterday. Whole FTS13 was partied with me :)

Tomorrow starts the last week! So exited!


sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2015

Lob fall 2015

Wuhuu! This school week started far from home. Because we were in Stockholm in a student cruise. Almost the entire FTS13 was there but Tanja was not. We went to the cruise on Saturday and came back on Tuesday. We had so much fun and we met many new people. That's why I didn't join a Mondays lecture. 

On Monday there was a guest lecturer named Katja Järveläinen from Gapps Oy. Katjas topic was cloud technology and leadership. Like you know I wasn't in the lecture but here is a picture of Katja and our teacher Ilkka from Monday.

This course is almost over and we have so much to do. That's why we didn't have any week task on this week. But our group had to plan our final video to the final presentations ceremony. We have so many good and fantastic ideas. Can't wait to present it! :)

On Thursday we had a lecture by Arman Nuri. His lecture topic was content marketing and I learned again more about familiar topic. I liked his way to present and it was nice to listen him. The biggest thought that sticked to my brain was Coca Cola drinkable advertising. If you don't know about it you should google it. ;)

We also had time again to teach other groups. Finally we got to show our video about how to make a video. We made that video at the beginning of this course. It was a little bit different compared to what kind of video we would make today :D The video is below if you don't remember it.

We will meet again next week. See ya! :)


perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2015

Emotion tracker

Can't remember but I am not sure did I tell you about Emotion Tracker. But now I will tell you the whole story.At the beginning of course we made the project with Digi People. But then they didn't had more tasks for us, so we met Camilla Tuominen from Emotion Tracker. She is start-up entrepreneur and she was so exited to make a project with us.

She gave us many different options and we just had to choose one. We chose two tasks which were campaign plan and searching the most used hashtags on feelings. I think and believe that we invented so amazing stuff. Maybe someday you will hear about that. :P

But back to Monday now. Camilla came to give us a lecture. I just knew it was going to be amazing! Camillas personality is so great. She is woman full of energy. :D Her lecture topic was emotions.
People have many different emotions. And sometimes it is hard to express feelings.First you have to know your own feelings and then you can feel other peoples feelings. That was a good point!  She had three parts in her lecture; why, what and how. Now I will open them to you.
  • Emotional impact on own values, learning and experiences.
  • You should just be yourself with your own emotions in work life.
    • Don't flatter!
  • Future is unknown.
    • Live with your passion
    • Do what is important to you
  • Emotions are energy and information
  • Write down your feelings
    • Your fear will reduce
    • Positive things get stronger
  • No judgement, just curiosity
  • Confront your feelings
    • tell them and say welcome to feelings
Camilla is also so an artist, she drew very nicely and she made her notes with drawings. As you can see on pictures.

Next guest lecturer was Jaakko Alasaarela from ZEF solutions. He was one of the best guest lecturers that I have met. His way of telling stories was so inspiring. Jaakko told about his work and stories about what has happened in ZED solutions. He also told about dreams and three different life values.
People should write down their own dreams and think them every day. Too large dreams will finally get smaller so you got to have the right persons in your life to fulfill those dreams.

 What are your personal reasons? What is your goal? What you want? What it is?

1. Love
  • Everybody wants to be loved
  • If you don't get respect from others, you will be scared
2. Passion
  • Let's do everything right now
  • We are here to change the world
  • What ever the situation is, don't give up
3. Courage
  • Don't be afraid
  • Everything is going to change
  • encourage yourself
''It does not matter what comes against, I can do it!''

On Thursday we had two lectures by our digi coach Jabed and Bui. Jabed talked about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This subject was familiar to me but he told much more and interesting things about it. It was really good! 

Buis lecture was about fresh desk. Subject was nice and interesting.

To end I show to you our a new video. We made a video as our week task what was about Thesis. I'm sorry but it is in Finnish.

- Nelli

sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2015

Law issues

Finally came the week when we are going to learn law issues. I like law issues much and I am so interested about it. Marjaana Marmo is our teacher. I was a little bit disapointed on Monday, when I noticed that our lecture was in English. Of course it is in English because this course is in English. But no, it wasn't a good thing. Everybody knew how difficult law issues are in Finnish. And how difficult they are in English? From the start, I didn't get anything out of Mondays lecture. And that is sad, no can do. 

Fortunately somebody was clever and said that we can do our week tasks in Finnish. It was so much easier made tasks like this in Finnish. 

On Tuesday we started to do our group tasks. We had three papers of law tasks but two of them was in Finnish:D Nice! I don't know what should I share to you about the tasks. We got many different law tasks and we needed to tell is it right or wrong and how it should go on. Next I show one of our task and tell the answer to it.

Company called Survival Oy which is organizing adventure tours in the islands of Nauvo bought a new motorboat from a boat show in January. When the tour operation was started again after the winter, the company responsible for the tour went to inspect the islands with the new boat mentioned above. Shortly after the departure from the beach, they found out that the control system of the boat didn't work as desired. The tour executives try to get back to the beach but because of the control fault the boat was drifted to beach stones and suffered extensive damage. Survival Oy immediately informed about the control fault and it is implications to the company that sold the boat. However, the company representative said that the company was not responsible for the malfunction because the boat was sold in January and now it was already May. Survival Oy representatives are terrified because of the adventure tours was subscribed to more than one group but before the boat steering condition is fixed they basically can't arrange tours at all. Tell and explain does the Survival oy have the right to demand any penalties from the boat dealer company.

And after that we need to search the answer to this law issue. Here is our answer.

By law, the buyer must do an after check on the goods as soon as possible after the release when circumstances permit. In this case, the boats steering fault could not have been checked before the end of the winter, so the boat was inspected by the time required by law. And therefore Survival oy is entitled to demand penalties due to the fault.

What do you think?  Would you have gotten the right answer? Law issues are difficult and you have to be sharp on lessons and study hard to learn them.

On Thursday we went through the correct answers with our teacher. At the same time one group was drawn to make a presentation. Weird but this time it was not FTS13.... :D
Thursdays lecture taught me much more than Mondays because it was in Finnish. I hope we would have more lectures about law issues.

I hope that on next weeks tasks we will get to make a video. It is our cup of tea to make videos.


sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2015

A confidential task

I had expected this week for a long time. Because we went to Digi people studio. Pekka the owner of Digi people had invited us to visit their studio. At the studio Pekka introduced us to their workplace, sound studio and shooting studio. It was amazing to see those places in real life. Sometimes I think it would be nice to work with video making and advertisement. We filmed some material to our team document, which we are going to show at final presentations. We also met Pekkas wife Camilla Tuominen. She has a firm named Emotion tracker. She gave us new task options and we have to choose one of those. It is nice to get new tasks because we don't do anything for Digi people anymore. That's so sad, I was waiting so much for example feedback of our synopsis. but no can do!

Lectures of the week

Like the headline tells we had a confidential task. Hanna Sirama is an entrepreneur and she told about her new idea. Because it is new and not ready yet, I can't tell you more about it. But this task was really nice and interesting.

We also had lecture by Sofia Auranen. She is Laurea alumni and she came to told us about her different jobs. She works at Parker Hannifin. Here is some points what she told.

Learn new things for the joy of it.
This is important and everyone should think about it.

Plan and execute surveys.
Everyone should make surveys because it teaches new things and help you for future.

Last lecturer was on Thursday and our guest lecture of the day was Arto Kuuluvainen from M3Research. He told us about sport branding. This topic wasn't interesting to me. Of course he had a very good lecture and all but I didn't feel at it help me that much. 

For the end I will share the new video of FTS13. The video was part of our weekly task.Those dogs are our own and it was really fun to make a video like this. This video will make everyone happy :)

- Nelli

lauantai 31. lokakuuta 2015

Lecture of blogging

Hello! I will tell you again what we have done this week. Our group did not make any presentations or a videos because this week we didn't have any big group tasks. That's because we had a test on Thursday. I think my test went well, I hope.

But back to start of the week. On Monday we had a lecture by Ilpo Kärkkäinen. He is DJ and he makes electronic music. But he didn't come to tell us about music, he came to tell about blogging. He has an own blog called resoundsound. He has blogged about five years. Here is a little summary from Ilpos lecture about blogging.

Blogging is a powerful learning tool. You can learn focus and creativity from blogging. Those are important things. Also you can discover big new points and ideas. Also remember if you don't want to write publicly you can write only for yourself.
Blogging can become a solid business. When you write a blog, you have to know that it takes time. But you have many ways to do your own blog. You have many ways to earn money. You can write freely and sell products. Blogging connects you to people and opportunities. Connecting to people is important and also brings new opportunities. Don't try to be perfect you have to only show that you are a real. Make it easy to contact you. These days people want to do everything as easy as possible.

This week we made little task to Ilpo. We had to explore his blog and give him positive and constructive feedback. 

See you next week! :)

- Nelli